Successfully completed MET & ILEDA Data Viz hackathon for students and high school students

Metropolitan University successfully organized the first team MET & ILEDA DataViz hackathon this year, which lasted 24 hours and took place at the premises of Metropolitan University in Niš.

All students and high school students interested in the field of information technology, Big Data, and ways of presenting them had the opportunity to try their hand at this field and give us their proposal for data representation.

All participants received a database that they could use when solving the task. Their task was to express their creativity and skills in the analysis and processing of data, and on the first day of the competition, they were informed that the theme would be “Visualization of data from educational systems.”

  1. Place was won by the Q2V team from Metropolitan University, whose members were: Nikola Petković, Luka Kostić, Milica Golubović, and Vukašin Veličković.
  2. Place: BITBAJT, from Bora Stanković Gymnasium in Niš, whose members were: Petar Bogdanović, Teodora Obradović, Marina Stojilković, Jakov Sekulić, and Vuk Aleksandrov.
  3. Place: OUR TEAM whose members were Luka Lazarević, Marko Anđelković, Stefan Ćirković, Nikola Mićović, and Aleksandar Zaharijev.

A special award for team spirit was won by the FIRM team from the Mija Stanimirović Electrotechnical School in Niš, whose members were Mihajlo Dinić, Nemanja Marković, and Sara Milojević.

The hackathon was financed by the ILEDA project – Improving online and blended learning with educational data analytics”, ref. number 2021-1-BG01-KA220-HED-000031121

Congratulations to the winners and all participants; see you soon at a similar event we are preparing!