Improving online and blended learning with educational
data analytics (ILEDA)

Contract: 2021-1-BG01-KA220-HED-000031121

ERASMUS+ HORIZONTAL PRIORITY, Higher Education: Stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices, Addressing digital transformation through development of digital readiness, resilience and capacity

24-months duration: 1 November 2021 to 30 November 2023


• Project result 2 (PR2) – Innovative instructional models, PR Lead: PU4 ITA-SUOMEN YLIOPISTO

Act2.0 – Literature Review

Act2.1 – Gap analysis between the existing and new requirements for online/blended learning teaching materials at each PU

Act2.2 – Defining appropriate pedagogical methods and innovative practices, suitable to support both blended and online learning

Act2.3 – Defining framework for integrating learning analytics models in online and blended courses

Project result 3 (PR3) – Designed teaching and learning materials for blended and online courses based on the developed framework , PR Lead: PU2 BELGRADE METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY

Act3.1 – Designing curricula for the pilot courses

Act3.2 – Designing instructional teaching materials

• Project result 4 (PR4) – Digital learning analytics tool, PR Lead: PU3 UNIVERSIDAD DE LEON

Act4.1 – Defining requirements for learning analytics software tool

Act4.2 – Compiling and adapting existing learning analytics tools

Act4.3 – Defining ethical requirements for the usage of learner data

Act4.4 – Developing learning analytics software tool

Act4.5 – Integration developed learning analytics tool with LMS at each PU

Act4.6 – Proof of concept of implementation of framework in pilot courses

Act4.7 – Analyzing the impact and effects of the pilot courses

Project result 5 (PR5) – Guideline and recommendations for the framework application in different educational contexts, PR Lead: PU1 SOFIA UNIVERSITY

Act5.1 – Analyzing the impact and effects of the pilot courses

Act5.2 – Identifying benefits and barriers of the developed and piloted framework

Act5.3 – Guidelines for developing of courses not included in pilot courses

Learning, teaching and training (LTT)

Training on implementing newly developed instructional models for online and blended learning courses


Training on implementation of learning analytics models


Multiplier Events

Grouped in thematic categories, at each partner university (PU):

ME1-ME2: e-Learning conference in Belgrade (thematic workshop)

ME3-ME6: Educational hackathon @ each PU

ME7-ME10: Teach the teachers @ each PU

ME11: Final multiplier event in Bulgaria